Iqraa institute is specialized in teaching Arabic language to Non-native speakers. The institute was established in the Applied Science University to fulfill its vision and message of spreading science and knowledge and enhancing the status of Arabic language globally. 
The institute carries out inclusive programs and training sessions that aim at teaching Arabic language and its skills under the administration and supervision of the Academic and Value Development Center at the Applied Science University.

Our Message:
To enhance the ability of those who desire to learn Arabic language and help them in mastering the language skills.

Our Vision:
Arabic language shall become the language of harmony and reconciliation between the people of the world.

Our Objectives:
• Student shall acquire the basics of Arabic language skills.
• Student shall be able to communicate with native speakers of Arabic appropriately and easily.
• Enhance students abilities to enable them to enroll in colleges that use Arabic as a medium of education.
• Develop the language skills of the researchers of Arabic resources.