Multiple levels programs
iqra’a institute have a different levels:
1- Beginners: the students can learn the basics of the language in three levels:

 Beginners 1
 Beginners 2
 Beginners 3

2- Intermediate: the student can study three levels:
 Intermediate 1
 Intermediate 2
 Intermediate 3

3- Advance: the student can study three levels:
 Advance 1
 Advance 2
 Advance 3

New students should take level exam, to be placed in the appropriate level. Then they can study either the whole course with all the levels (Beginners, Intermediate, and Advance) or they can join a specific level.



3 months


3 parts

level parts

13 weeks


13*5 = 65




360 hours

Actual hours

28 hours

Hours each week

Read, listening, write, grammars, conversation, communications skills


Language partner program:

Iqraa institute runs an interesting program for teaching skills of communication, speaking and conversation to those who desire through making friendships among students of the same gender taking into consideration their qualification and age groups. For this purpose, the university provides an appropriate atmosphere and class rooms that help students to improve their skills of conversation, correction of pronunciation of alphabets and words, and identifying suitable words and expressions to be used in various situations.